Weight and Wit

Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)

Sunday Things:

-Took Ava for a mile or so walk in the morning. I stopped to pick up and tie up her…puppy waste…and put the leash under my arm to wrap the bag. At that exact moment, she spotted a squirrel and took off. Cue massive rope burn on the sensitive underarm skin of my right arm.

-Quality family time on Father’s Day. Lunch with that handsome fella pictured above

-Lots of good countdowns going on. Time with Tor. Birthday. Alex’s wedding.

-Lots of running out of time. getting to the weight necessary for my groomsmaid dress not to suffocate me. apartment hunting. job searching.

Life is seriously busy. butIlikeit.

PS: The US plays Ghana in the World Cup tonight. I am not an avid soccer watcher (yet) but this is important.

  1. rasmtazberry24 said: Ouch I hate when my pups do that I swear the squirrels stand watch and wait for that perfect moment to harass the dog.
  2. reginatarae said: Oww! Rope burn hurts so much!
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