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Woke Up to another beautiful, cold morning.

  • Today was sister run day. So we bundled up and hit a mile loop.
  • I seriously could not feel my nose for the first .6 miles of the jog. My breathing was loud and creepy, which I suppose fits since it is Halloween weekend. By the end of the first mile, though, I had warmed up, I could feel my honker, and could breath semi-normally.
  • The next mile was just interval running. I was pretty comfortable with the jogging I had done earlier this week, so I kind of just wanted to enjoy working out, warming up, and the sun (because I know what’s going to happen come January). 
  • 3 miles total and by the time we were done I had to lose the hoodie.
  • Also, Alaina I am sorry you were cut out of the photo. My B.
  • Tonight: A Birthday/ Halloween party for the Brother. I hope to steer clear of the face stuff-age and the binge drink-age, but I make no promises.
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