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Yup. It’s Monday.

  • 45 Minutes in the Gym. Featuring special Guest Arika, since she doesn’t have class today (unfair). 
  • Elliptical. Stairmaster. Treadmill. 
  • Alaina and I went to the Farmer’s Market Saturday. I looked for Honey-crisp apples, since I am told the are the bomb.com. But they only had 3 lb bags, and I couldn’t make that commitment.
  • Instead, I settled for Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples. And a Pineapple. And a Kiwi.
  • Guys. I cut that pineapple up myself. I Googled, watched a YouTube video, and went to town. I still have all my fingers and my kitchen is not a mess. SUCCESS. Next I’ll conquer the kiwi. 
  • Sunday was NOT a Funday. But I will let the recap of all the Sunday Football Games on various sports Channels tell you why, I can’t handle saying it.
  1. butshewasonherway said: Congrats on cutting the pineapple!! I had to do the same thing lol it’s scary but so rewarding! lol
  2. rachaelfightsback said: I just love you.
  3. livelaughyoga said: I LOVE your faces!
  4. nutrify said: Woo pineapple and yay for gymmmm timeee
  5. nicolenevermore said: I second what Kat said about pink lady apples! And I’m sorry about the football situation. I didn’t catch what happened, but I saw enough on ESPN to know it wasn’t good.
  6. justrunningthemaze said: You ready for the saints/pats showdown?! Its gonna be craaaazy.
  7. fitnik29 said: 'couldn't make that commitment' too funny!
  8. kat-rd2be said: I love cutting up a fresh pineapple! Yum! Have you tried Pink Lady apples? They’re the BEST!
  9. straightarrowlife said: Congratulations on the pineapple. Seriously. ;)
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