Weight and Wit

Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)
  • Workout at the University Mile track
  • Reppin Bahstan this Mahnin
  • 2 miles and some change done. It’s hot. All you guys talking about chilly mornings and long sleeved shirts make me jealous. In fact, the idea of a Pumpkin Spice Latte makes me want to Vom in this weather
  • My starting song was “Face Down.” I was feeling Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, they were feeling me, it just felt right.
  1. livelaughyoga said: Is it bad that I don’t know this song?
  2. kickinupthepace said: Who’s talking chilly mornings??? Yes please, I want that.
  3. fromlazytolively said: What is this university mile track you speak of!?!
  4. theunemployedprofessional said: Seriously, it’s still in the high 90’s-100’s during the day here. Fall doesn’t exist in Texas.
  5. rachaelfightsback said: You beast! I just got up and ate breakfast. You’ve already done all this.
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