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Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)
  • New vigorous workout routine= DOMS for Days (aka I’m real booty sore in the calf and tricep areas)
  • 30 minutes of -60 seconds on, 60 seconds off- jogging intervals
  • Completed a few arm moves, though I am sure the pool will take care of them tonight
  • Upping my stretch game in hopes I don’t cramp up later
  • I included that last picture because that blur is Lane’s middle finger. *Apparently* I was taking a little long in the selfie department and she was ready to go. This picture is both proof and a public consequence for her actions.
  • Also: THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for the support on my new swimming endeavor. I will be thinking of each of you and your encouragement tonight when we hop into our lanes at the aquatic center. You guys will serve as my motivation.

kait-jay said: Girl. Did you swim competitively in a former life/some years ago??! I used to in high school, and I can totally relate! Trying to get back into swimming isn’t a joke. It’s difficult and trying and takes a lot of hard work and training! But good for you!!

Idid in fact! In middle school. When I was 13. I haven’t been in a designated lane for a real practice since. One girl on our team was like “I haven’t been in the pool for 6 months, I am so out of it.” I almost loud laughed. IF SHE ONLY KNEW.

  1. fromlazytolively said: DOMS!!! And OMG you and kaity conversing my heart is exploding right now!!!!
  2. nicolenevermore said: I am a terrible swimmer. I can keep myself from drowning but the only laps I can do are my own custom stroke called “Are we sure she’s not having a seizure?” Good on you for getting back into it. : D
  3. perpetual--hunger said: You got this!! I wish I had an available pool nearby because I’d love to try to get back into it. …Even though I’d be perpetually sore forever and ever.
  4. high-heel-mileage said: Booty sore!!! Good luck tonight!
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