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Somebody has a Case of the Mondays…(spoiler alert: It’s Me)

  • Started with a Tabata set of Push Ups
  • Workout:40 minutes walk/jog. Just shy of 3 miles. Not fun. But Done.
  • Ended with arms. Felt Vommy on the Last Set, but took myself a moment, then pushed through.
  • Even though it’s Dreary out, there is a Welcome Back on the Campus Green, which means tons of free stuff. And Free Food (fear not, Lane and I breezed past the food to the coozies and pens, even though they had Pizza.)
  • Class in a few hours. Should be a blasty blast what with me having zero access to anything class related. It’s okay though. I am a master at winging it. (I hope).
  1. snapthistiger said: who does a push up tabata? totally Batman..
  2. high-heel-mileage said: Good luck on your first day of classes!
  3. fromlazytolively said: Don’t forget what I told you to say to your students!!
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