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Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)

Afternoon Gym sesh completed, attended by all the sisters.

  • 2 miles jogging, no walking, was the goal. But I couldn’t get it together. My chest felt heavy and I just lacked the kick necessary to get it done. (Not even Lady Gaga’s New Single could pull me through…that’s how unmotivated I was)
  • 2 miles DID get completed though, and at the end of the session, that’s what matters.
  • CNN World News was on one of the TVs on the Cardio Floor, and apparently, according to Smithsonian magazine, Carrots do NOT improve your eyesight. My whole childhood was a lie. 
  • I did some free weights, and a Freshman tour group walked by me and instead of stopping to let them pass, I just stepped back and hit the wall with one of the weights, which they all saw…26 and still awkward in college.
  1. rachaelfightsback said: It still baffles me that you and Tori are older than me! I feel like a baby.
  2. livelaughyoga said: My childhood was a lie too! Oh no!
  3. fromlazytolively said: How to be awkward 101 A NY times best seller by Amanda Zubrowski
  4. funhappylife2 said: Standing applause!!
  5. high-heel-mileage said: Hahahah, we really are albino soulmates. Right down to the awk moments.
  6. road2afabnewme said: You crack me up. I just wanna put you in my pocket and keep you.
  7. angeldrinkstea said: :D
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