Weight and Wit

Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)

Workout at the Mountain.

I just could not find the motivation to go earlier. This week has been a constant resetting the counter/ fall 7 get up 8 week for me.

I didn’t want to go to the gym or do a video or work outside.

I also did not want to do any adulting (going to the complex to speak about questionable fees on this month’s rent)

I finally completed 20 minutes of cardio/strength tabatas. And went to the leasing office and got the answers I needed.

Since I have been feeling so “why am I failing so miserably?” lately in the fitness game, and the mountain is usually a good place for me to think, I went for 90 minutes, give or take. I timed myself going up.

What, once upon a time, would take an hour and a half for me to do, including several rest breaks, now took less than 20 minutes with no breaks. That was a NSV that I really needed to remind myself of.

I guess these days, as much as the motivated days, are the ones I need to remember. The days that nothing makes me want to feel the burn and I still put on the workout shoes and get something done.

I took a very long nap this afternoon, the kind that makes you think “meh, do I *really* want to work out?” My trick is to change into my gym clothes as soon as I get home, so when I wake up from that glorious mid day slumber I am already dressed and have no excuses.

Walk/Jog intervals at the school loop for 30 or so minutes. It’s hot. still.

10X5 sets Tricep Dips/Bench Push Ups

There was a football team starting practice in one of our fields. (a)I hope it was the KSU football team, because that means we finally, really do, have one. (b) watching them push themselves in the heat definitely made me appreciate the fact that my workout was done for the day.

If you refuse to return the ever coveted jogging smile/wave combo, you are on my list for the rest of the workout and shall be greeting-shunned.

The machines in the complex gym are feisty. 

I am discouraged today in the health and fitness department. I know it’s temporary and up to me to push though it.

I did so today with some Lil Jon. And I am definitely on the “Shake it Off” Bandwagon. Vastly different ends of the music spectrum. But it worked. 

30 day Shred. 10 minutes Stair Climber. 15 minute treadmill. 10 minutes Stair Climber. 

Business loop today. The sidewalks weren’t safe. I almost got taken out by a kid on a bike, and a car got a little too close for comfort as I was crossing a business drive.

Interval running (5 min warm up. 5 run. 3 walk. 8 run. 3 walk. 5 run. 5 min cool down). I ran a little longer so I could hit 20 minutes of running. I also saw a penny on the sidewalk during my 8 minute jog interval and I wanted to go back and get it before the storm started. I just missed the downpour.

A third of my steps came from scouring campus for the University newspaper, because I want to use it in class Thursday. I finally got ahold of a whopping 2 copies.

Today was my intro to what to expect this semester. It felt good, normal, to be back in the front of a 1101 class. I would like to see my name on my own office door in the English Department someday (…soon).

Now I think some Dazed and Confused viewing and Dinner.

My Gym Today.

Shred Level 1 with Jillian.

Monday is starting right when I get to drink coffee, tumble, and workout to back to back Johnny Depp films on TV (Secret Window then Corpse Bride)

Campus and Post Office on tap for today. I have to get a Faculty ID and Parking Tag. I called card services to make sure I was in the system. When I asked if I could swing by to get them done he paused and said “bring a book” which can only mean I am in for a DMV-esque wait. I am used to it though, and *probably* shouldn’t have waited until the first day of classes to get this done…

Sunday: Make-Up run, since yesterday I did nothing after working a late morning open house. Two hour nap. Early Bedtime. toomuchjunkingested.

30 minutes of walk/jog intervals. I shouldn’t have worn a black shirt. and maybe gone a little later. The choice to go mid afternoon led to profuse, getting-in-my-eyes-and-burning sweat.

Other things:

  • I have watched Aladdin twice this weekend. and Mrs. Doubtfire. I completely lost it when Aladdin freed Genie and they hug and Genie tears up.
  • I also watched Jaws but that’s neither here nor there.
  • I need to stop going to the grocery store on Sunday. and/or learn to mentally prepare for the hell that comes with every aisle
  • I have been convinced to become part of a fantasy football league. I think we all know which QB I am claiming (itsTomBrady)
  • Beyond researching a bomb team roster, I am also looking into Binge Eating as a Disorder (what’s being said about it, how people combat it, etc.)
  • The semester starts tomorrow. I just need to tweak Assignment Guidelines and I think I will be good.
  • I got a check in the mail for the above amount. I think it’s time I look into purchasing property…

Today is an “I feel Frumpy” Friday.

10 minutes Tank Top Arms Workout on YouTube because I need to vary strength.

20 minutes in the Complex Gym:10 minutes stair climber. 10 minutes stationary bike.

20 minute walk around the business loop.

University orientation this afternoon. Pat’s Preseason game tonight. Working on ways to watch it, since it’s only broadcast in NE states…and Hawaii for some reason…

I had a dream that I was trapped in a room full of massive spiders and they just kept multiplying. I am now checking the…web…for what this possibly means (manilovepuns).

The Fummer weather had me feeling run-fiesty, so I opted to try a run I haven’t touched since early March. A 10K train: 5 minute warm up. 10 minute Run. 1 Minute Rest X 4. 5 Minute cool down.

It was awful, physically. Turtle in molasses awful. I may have paused the work out a handful of times to get longer than a minute rest between intervals. In the last set, after 3 minutes of jogging, I wanted to stop, but I told myself that stopping might have been an option in the first ten minutes, not in the last 10. I got the post run wooze as soon as the last interval ended and had to sit for a minute before the cool down walk.

Despite all of this, I am actually really happy with this workout because, bottom line, it got done. I stand on the other side with 40+ minutes of Cardio under my belt and 8000 steps completed.

Crows were creeping on me which (a)Made me yearn for October (b) Made me miss Game of Thrones.

Started today with Tabatas for Strength with Jerry Springer in the Background

3 Round of Exercises. 1 minute each

Round 1: Push Ups. Squat and Press. Tricep Push Ups. Squat and Press. Crunches.

Round 2: Row. Lunge. Row. Lunge. Crunches.

Round 3: Chest Fly. Side Lunge. Chest Fly. Side Lunge. Bicycle Crunch.

Point blank: I took Jillian Michaels Shred Level 1 and only did the strength portion.

Next: Complex Gym for Cardio. 10 minutes stair machine. 15 minutes treadmill, various inclines.

Then: I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone by walking to the local mail place to mail my power bill. Getting in steps while being a responsible adult.

After it was mailed, I couldn’t get over how the weather was a perfect mix of Summer and Fall, so I kept walking. I ending up walking near campus and came across the obstacle of no sidewalk access because of construction. I detoured through a university parking garage and walked through campus. One of the students walking by me stopped dead in his tracks and stared at me. Then told me he liked my shirt (it’s absolutely a Batman one). I guess rocking a sleeveless Bat-tee will intrigue the Freshmen.

I noticed that we are offering some seriously awesome classes this year. Like courses focused on Beer, Wineries, Organic Beekeeping, and How to make Healthy choices as a Professional. I might just have to audit a few of these bad boys…

Also Tori is somewhere in North GA and I don’t get to hang out with her and that is torture.

The other day, when all of the summer campers were sitting together eating lunch, I sat monitoring them, making sure the kids with the peanut allergies weren’t too close to the kids with PB&J sandwiches.

The other teacher came back from the kitchen, after warming her massive cinnamon bun in the staff microwave. The first thing she did, which was extremely polite, was offer me some. When I declined, the dreaded question we all know quickly followed.

“Why not, are you on a diet?”

I cringed.

“My whole life is a diet.” I answered with a smile. Because, technically whatever I eat *is* my diet. She laughed and the issue was dropped.

But for me, it wasn’t. For the rest of the day, and clearly since then, I have been pondering on that encounter.  Why is it that just because you refuse an offer of food, your choices are called into question? Why can’t you just decline a food because you don’t want that particular item at that time?

For full disclosure, yes I am watching what I eat. Yes, I chose not to take that cinnamon bun bite because I didn’t need it, and had my own lunch. But why should I have to verbally defend that to her?

I know I am biased. I know that my outlook on food vastly differs from hers. And I know her question certainly wasn’t meant to send me down this road of societal reflection. I guess the question then becomes: what was it meant to do?