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Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)

A note to my very best friend

For full disclosure, I have been working on this post since the day Tor told me she had an interview in Kansas. I started working on it then because I knew she would get the job. She is smart, well spoken, and a go getter in her field of work.

In that moment, a seed of selfish dread was planted. Because I knew getting the job meant that she was going to be moving 895 miles away from me (yes I Google Mapped it). And that meant no more random Friday road trips to see each other. No more miles at the track on the coast, which fly by as we talk about life, or Tori WODs in which I complain the whole time, or breakfasts that turn into lunches, dinners that turn into cider pitchers and then early mornings in rocking chairs on the island examining long distance relationships.

The day she texted me that she was leaving, I called my mom crying. Though I have *plenty*of siblings who listen to my life strife, it was always Tori I turned to first and foremost to talk and cry to about bad days and break ups and make ups and break ups again and new love and new jobs and new PRs.  And though of our 12 years of friendship, at least half of them have been spent in different cities, this is going to be veryyy DIFFERENT, different cities.

But I am realizing, as I finish this up, that even if I have cried randomly at her social media posts or thinking about how much we’ve been through, or am bawling right now as I finish up, I also realize that we are more than capable of handling it. We have always been extremely good at getting back up when we just want to stay down, and that’s because no matter how far we are apart, we are always sure to be there in some form or fashion and to be whatever person the other needs. A cheerleader. A confidant. An advice giver. We have mastered these roles with each other, and many more, and I know a measly 14 hours by car won’t change that.

I am posting this here because Tori is the reason I started this blog. Tori is the reason I celebrate how far I have come, not just in health, but in life, so it’s only fitting that I give her a proper and aptly worded send off online.

I know I will see her once more before she goes, and I just had a goodbye Brunswick BFF breakfast with her, but I figure I should just go ahead and say it now, since I am already in the midst of some heavy friend feels.

Shine Bright like a Diamond, Mate!

Four miles of mountain road and trails.

I almost ate it at the end of the trail, a couple saw it happen. I gave them a “yup. every time” smile.

It was 79 degrees out. With the breeze I almost believed we were on our way to Fall.

I think I will make steak for dinner. Then pack.

Happy hump day, friends!

Peanut butter bagel for breakfast.

4 or so miles yesterday of walking/jogging. I went from my place, through the business park, to the school loop, and back.

Apparently, the little white walk signal means nothing to people making right turns because 2 different cars cut me off when I was trying to cross the street. Rude.

I listened to “Anaconda” and that Nicki Minaj is a gem, because if any man ever told me that he could tell I wasn’t missing meals, that would be the last thing he ever said to me.

I want to love running again, and to feel invincible like I used to. I just don’t and I want to blame the heat and heavy air, but I am nervous that’s just an excuse.

Beyonce got me through the last 2 minutes of the workout.

Going southeast this weekend. I need a change of scenery for a few days, even though I will be taking 70+ papers home with me to grade…

Longggg (and great!) day.

5 AM wake up call for a trip to stone mountain with zebo84 and activearika. We took the mile trail straight up. At .6 that bad boy got killer.

Solid sweat drip when we got to the top. Getting down was tricky in a different way; definitely a slow, don’t fall off these rocks, descent.

Alex got an annual pass to the park, so it only makes sense for us to use the pass to check out the various trails. Plus, today was a bit foggy, so another trip with clear skies and sunshine is a no brainer.

Then gourmet donuts from a shop in Decatur. I thought I knew what a donut was before. I was blind. And now I see the cake/yeast/maple bacon truth of it all. 

This was followed by a day full of college football. A few good things (Ohio State) and few bad things (UGA) and wayyyyy too much pizza and cider and pumpkin spice cookies. Though I feel disgusting, all by my own hand, I love the days of all day (partial) family time.

PS: Arika got a puppy and his name is Apollo and I need to meet him ASAP.

Run Day.

3 or so miles around the park area. Of the hour workout, 30 total minutes were running in some form or fashion (definitely not straight or speedy), which works for me.

Those hills are sneaky because they aren’t steep but they are perfectly capable of making your legs scream.

One more work day and then on to a busy weekend.

I am fairly sure that the heavy feelings I mentioned last week are slowly lifting.

Today was 4.5 miles at the school loop. 2 c25K runs. Some strength. I saw a few heart shaped dirt clumps…it’s the little things.

My current favorite running song is “Geronimo” by Sheppard.

With temperatures starting to slowly wander away from the 90s, I am hoping that my adoration for longer distances and running will return.

My shower/prep for work soundtrack was the Disney Princess station on Itunes.

I threw away a small container of leftover desserts from the weekend. I am just too far off the wagon at this particular moment for it even to be around as a properly portioned treat.

As rough as it has been for me fitness wise and adult wise this past 3 or so weeks, I am starting to feel that sweet little voice in my head get a little louder that says “you did it before, you can do it again, keep going”

Great Locomotive Chase 5K in KSaw this morning.

For the first time in the history of organized runs, all the Zubrowski siblings participated.

You can clearly tell what the theme of this run was…

It was hot and humid and we were all covered in sweat (so taking this photo and rubbing sweaty arms and backs was not pleasant, even if we are related) but it was a perfect family run…then again any run I get to do with my brothers and sisters is a perfect run, no matter the weather.

In true New England fashion, we celebrated with Dunkin Donuts.

Now a little break before we rep Ohio State this evening for the newest member of the Zubrowski clan.

Worked it out late morning. Some running. Some walking. Some strength.

New job started yesterday. Seems doable, I won’t call it yet because the first week can always trick you.

I feel very heavy hearted/ burdened lately. It all kind of came to a head on Saturday. I can’t quite put my finger on it, likely because it is a culmination of several things wedged in.

It will get better and work itself out, it always does, I am just impatient with the not so great feels.

Last night: a glorious evening of friendship, chips and queso, cinnamon buns, vanilla vodka, and cider andddd candy corn.

This morning: Coffee. Clif Bar. Mountain walk with these wonderful, lively ladies

Lots of people. Lots of puppies. Lots of leg work. Lots of happy.

Another workout post? what???

Bringing back to the old days with a sister workout. 30 minutes at the complex gym with Arika this evening. Treadmill. 2 minutes walking/2 minutes easy jog for the duration.

We went with an old favorite of bacon wrapped asparagus for dinner.

Our froyo adventure was the exact opposite of healthy (brownies pieces, peanut butter chunks, Reese’s). So maybe this sweat seesh will help balance that out.