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4 Mile Trail Run

Sibling run. Boston sports team themed. I was the Bruins. I took last night’s loss as a sign of bad juju for this morning’s run.

2 days of solid rain meant quite a few spots of calf deep standing water. And mud. Once I got past the initial “my shoes and everything in them are soaked” shock, I enjoyed jumping through the massive, trail blocking, puddles.

My goal was 45-48 minutes. I finished in less than 42. I placed second in my age group, which resulted in a sweet new glass for victory cider.

At one point I saw Arika on the trail and she pointed at me and clapped…I may have started crying.

I love watching my siblings cross the finish line and getting to scream for them. I just love running with them period.

And my dad is a bomb race photographer.

Gym Today:

30 minutes spin bike, strength program.

10 minutes treadmill

A little bit of leg work.

Not too intense, with the run tomorrow.

As I left today, I realized I kind of like working out with the older crowd. Because for them, it really is about health and living a long life. They aren’t all in there working out for a thigh gap or bikini season, but so they can be there for their grand kids and spouses. I am in no way knocking anyone who goes to the gym for those things, motivation is motivation and a workout is a workout, it’s just nice to see such dedication for something other than the outer benefits.

I am prepping tomorrow’s playlist. It seems DMX is what gets it done for me lately.


  • 2 quick miles. 1 cool down lap.
  • During the cool down, I decided that at every bench, I was going to do 2 sets of 15: Tricep dips. Push-ups. This was a brilliant idea when I thought there were four benches. There were six….Opening my car door was a real struggle

Other things:

  • I went and purchased my Cap, Gown, and Master of Professional Writing Hood.
  • I meet with my other Senior committee member at 3 today with the intentions of getting the last of my paper work signed…So I am playing the “what now?” game in the ole brain, while simultaneously having anxiety that I haven’t turned something in or completed some form for the registrar and I won’t get to graduate. Typical Amanda Z.
  • I leave for the coast today for Easter weekend. 4 mile trail run with the siblings on Saturday. I am hoping for somewhere between 45-48 minute completion time.

Oh, so we’re just going to mosey back to mid 40’s, wind, and rain? I see.

3 miles outside. The good thing about the crap weather is that I was the only person out there.

My shoes have a nice ring of red GA clay on the bottom.

This is the first time in a month that I felt somewhat like myself out there.

My DuckTales shirt is back.

  • I feel disgusting today. I have no doubt that this has to do with the amount of Donuts, Danishes, and Diet. Dr. Pepper I had yesterday
  • I woke up early with the plan of coffee and complex gym. I got coffee, a bonus of Just My Luck on HBO.
  • I did not get the complex gym. Because nothing in that stupid mirrored room works. None of the treadmills. The confounded stair climber doesn’t even have a power cord. I would have taken the fitness rage to the complex office, but they don’t open until nine (don’t you worry, I will email them so hard later).
  • I thought about going to the school gym, which would waste 30 minutes of travel and arrival time, and the very thought annoyed me, so I went with the 30 day shred and Blogilates, which served to provide sufficient sweat and muscle burn.
  • Today I am 16 days out from the last day of classes. Less than a month away from Graduation. This is that day that ish gets real, and I respond accordingly by both kicking ass *and* taking names (the primary ass getting kicked being my own)


Morning walk with Arika Ann.  3 miles past the University. After 2 days of serious running, my legs deserved a break

Went to the big city to check on a cat and a house. Took advantage of the sky pad for an hour. Hoping to maybe turn the vampire white to a normal pale before August.

Called Tori on my Banana Phone to tell her that Arika and I just completed the KSU Daffodil Dash 5K this fine Friday. 

It was kind of a last minute, do it if you feel like it, run. In fact, I only signed up for it because she was pretty much like “hey let’s do this, it’s free, I already signed up, okay bye”

I wasn’t sure, given my jog feels lately, if I had it in me to get timed and if my legs would even participate. Sure enough though, come game time (run time?), I was lined up and ready to press play on the ole’ 5k list.

It was nowhere near “fun” and I did not see a single Daffodil.

BUT I think I might have beat my best time. Maybe. And post-run walking doesn’t make me want to cry (…yet) so I will mark this as a success and put the bib on the wall of fame.

Also: Thank you, shrinkingmomma, so much for making me feel good about yesterday’s pacing. Seriously warmed my little doubt-filled heart.

AND Sharon, I am on the coast pretty much every month and you are only like an hour away and I LOVE ice cream, so….

Hello Thursday

Since my runs have been junk lately, I decided to skip c210k, since I think I am bored with it, and do 4 miles at whatever pace I could muster. The only reason I timed it was because I have a 4 mile race I am doing with the siblings Easter weekend, and I kind of wanted to see where I stood.

I only intended to really run miles 1 and 4, and do walk/jog intervals for 2&3.Then I saw my pace and figured I could run 1&2, walk/jog 3, and run 4…Then I figured why not try to run all 4.

It was not pleasant. It was a struggle, every bit of every mile. And I think my calf was unprepared for what I asked of her (she will be properly tended to). At the very least, I know I can, in fact, complete 4 miles in one go at it.

Here’s hoping this is the start of the return of my amicable relationship with jogging.

My eyes popped open at 4:40 in the AM. After I decided at 5 that trying to go back to sleep was useless and I better just start the day, I did the breakfast thing and watched 90s sitcoms until I was ready to hit the gym.

When I walked in at 6:50, I thought I heard “Professor?” a few times. Sure enough, as I turned away from my locker, one of my current students was approaching. I am not too savvy on being talked to in the gym in the first place, but the gym, at 7 in the morning, is definitely not the ideal place for discussing assignments and extra credit.

I bowed out of the conversation gracefully and got in 30 Minutes of Cardio (Arc Trainer, Elliptical)

The strength portion I saw written up on tumblr among the blogs and re-blogs, so I jotted it down just to mix it up. I combined the moves with TRX  stuff for half an hour. I think it was successful, as sweat was dripping onto the floor and mat during planks.

Done and home and showered all before 9.

And I was able to construct and post discussion questions for Monday’s class.

And Across the Universe is on (because I need you guys to know what films and TV shows I decided to watch throughout the day)

Midweek and I am on it. Plus, I get second breakfast/early lunch soon, which is a necessity when you are awake before six (that’s legitimate, right?)

Monday Things:

Cold. Rainy. Ugly. North GA wanted to remind me that despite last week, the semester is FAR from over and Summer is still months away.

Gym for 45 minutes of Cardio, some TRX, and a bit of arm work. Those puppies were burning when I left.

Sunday night I did a little life Spring Cleaning. Deleting Numbers, Texts, and Contacts that no longer deserve to be part of my life. It felt good. It feels good to make room in my life for people who *do* deserve it.

Tuesday Things:

I ran. It sucked. I want desperately to find my passion for pounding the pavement again, especially because the weather is slowly finding its way to perfect. And I have a race this weekend. And next weekend.

I had a pow wow with the scale and with the pantry. If the three of us really want this to work, we have to communicate better. I, for one, admit I have been letting food walk all over me for the past 2 weeks.

BUT, there is the good going on outside of the fitness struggle:

Pitch Perfect is on.

I went and picked up my groomsmaid dress from alterations. Less than 100 days until I cry happy rivers for days.