Weight and Wit

Finding My Footing in the World of Healthy Living, both Physically and Emotionally, and doing so with clever quips and alluring alliteration (...see what I did there?)

Last night: a glorious evening of friendship, chips and queso, cinnamon buns, vanilla vodka, and cider andddd candy corn.

This morning: Coffee. Clif Bar. Mountain walk with these wonderful, lively ladies

Lots of people. Lots of puppies. Lots of leg work. Lots of happy.

Another workout post? what???

Bringing back to the old days with a sister workout. 30 minutes at the complex gym with Arika this evening. Treadmill. 2 minutes walking/2 minutes easy jog for the duration.

We went with an old favorite of bacon wrapped asparagus for dinner.

Our froyo adventure was the exact opposite of healthy (brownies pieces, peanut butter chunks, Reese’s). So maybe this sweat seesh will help balance that out.

Mountain Trip for 3+ miles.

I went a little further up the trail than usual and it was fantastic, not only because of the scenery, but also because, once again, it reminded me of a time that I looked up the trail, saw the incline, and said hellllll no. It’s nice to think that is *almost* laughable now.

On the road down I saw a deer grazing maybe 5 feet away, that is still very (and will always be) cool to me to get to experience. 

Best friend reunion in less than 9 hours. 

Dinner (and fingers crossed froyo) with activearika tonight.

Football tomorrow. This is looking like a solid Labor Day Weekend.

Yesterday’s bad day was good for some things. Like a real reminder of what to be grateful for in life.

Today was a much better day, even though my sink is still dripping and I feel like I am going insane from the perfectly timed drip from the faucet into my black coffee cup, which I placed there to catch the water, but now it runneth over.

4 miles at the university loop. I was the only one out there, but that was surely because I am the only person crazy (…stupid…) enough to go at 3 PM when it’s 95 degrees out. I wanted to go ahead and knock it out, though, because the Pats’ last Preseason game is tonight and it’s against  the Giants and IHATEtheGiants (okay.. who are we kidding I am not fond of anyone who isn’t New England), so I didn’t want to even chance missing it.

The first 3 miles: 3 minutes walking/3 minutes running X 3. The last mile: strength.

The strength mile was sponsored by various Lady Gaga songs.

It seems the only way I am capable of posing for a suns out/guns out photo is with a game-face grimace…I don’t hate it

For dreaminskinni : At each bench, I usually do 2 minutes of Cardio. 30 seconds each of: jumping jacks, butt kicks, box (bench) steps, and jump ropes. For mileage I rely on my watch, which track steps, so I kind of guess-timate off of that. I am glad you discovered the joy of walking outside! It is great for clearing your head while burning calories, except for those hot as hell days…

The roll of Amanda will be played by Negative Nancy this morning.

  • My kitchen sink is dripping. Every drip of wasted water makes me cringe.
  • There was a millipede-esque creature in my tub this morning as I went to shower
  • Private loans payments make me nauseous
  • My current rent payment is jacked, leading to anxiety
  • I have to take my car to the shop because something that should have been fixed 3 months ago was not attended to properly.

But, to counter that:

  • I did get in 20 minutes of cardio/strength work this morning
  • 2 days until I have BFF company
  • The September sibling 5k has been chosen and registered for
  • The twins will be coming up for said 5k on the 5th of September.

okay that made me kind of feel better.

An hour on the loop:

5 minute warm up.

3 minutes jogging. 3 minutes walking X 8

5 minute cool down.

Lonely Island gets me through the uphill intervals.

Having only guidelines for teaching objectives means I get to be creative and have my students watch SNL opening monologues and clips from Comedy Central to understand how humor plays a part in argument.

I need to work on nixing the afternoon naps.

That is my life this fine Tuesday.

Low 70s for this morning’s workout. Fell free to keep shimmying down, temperature.

4 miles. First and Last: Warm up & Cool Down. 2nd: Cardio (Jumping Jack/Jump Ropes) at every bench. 3rd: Strength at every bench.

Saturday the sweat was brought by public speaking and social situations at a group training I had for work all day (so no real workout). I did avoid the breakfast biscuits and cake. I did not avoid the questions as to why I was not eating breakfast biscuits and cake.

Working on finding Pathos in Pop Culture for class (translation: watching comedy clips from Key & Peele, SNL, and various Stand-Up routines, as well as Beyonce music videos)

I see Tor & Lex Friday night. The countdown is on (well, it has been on, but now it’s in the super single digits).

Workout at the Mountain.

I just could not find the motivation to go earlier. This week has been a constant resetting the counter/ fall 7 get up 8 week for me.

I didn’t want to go to the gym or do a video or work outside.

I also did not want to do any adulting (going to the complex to speak about questionable fees on this month’s rent)

I finally completed 20 minutes of cardio/strength tabatas. And went to the leasing office and got the answers I needed.

Since I have been feeling so “why am I failing so miserably?” lately in the fitness game, and the mountain is usually a good place for me to think, I went for 90 minutes, give or take. I timed myself going up.

What, once upon a time, would take an hour and a half for me to do, including several rest breaks, now took less than 20 minutes with no breaks. That was a NSV that I really needed to remind myself of.

I guess these days, as much as the motivated days, are the ones I need to remember. The days that nothing makes me want to feel the burn and I still put on the workout shoes and get something done.

I took a very long nap this afternoon, the kind that makes you think “meh, do I *really* want to work out?” My trick is to change into my gym clothes as soon as I get home, so when I wake up from that glorious mid day slumber I am already dressed and have no excuses.

Walk/Jog intervals at the school loop for 30 or so minutes. It’s hot. still.

10X5 sets Tricep Dips/Bench Push Ups

There was a football team starting practice in one of our fields. (a)I hope it was the KSU football team, because that means we finally, really do, have one. (b) watching them push themselves in the heat definitely made me appreciate the fact that my workout was done for the day.

If you refuse to return the ever coveted jogging smile/wave combo, you are on my list for the rest of the workout and shall be greeting-shunned.

The machines in the complex gym are feisty. 

I am discouraged today in the health and fitness department. I know it’s temporary and up to me to push though it.

I did so today with some Lil Jon. And I am definitely on the “Shake it Off” Bandwagon. Vastly different ends of the music spectrum. But it worked. 

30 day Shred. 10 minutes Stair Climber. 15 minute treadmill. 10 minutes Stair Climber.